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About Us


Originally founded in April of 2004, Cedar One Properties was a small rental property business providing a handful of rentals in the Ohio Valley.  Over the years we have grown in many ways and have transitioned into Cedar One Realty. We are now a full service brokerage and property management company offering a wide range of services for buying and selling real estate as well as providing rental homes and apartments in the Ohio Valley.  Cedar One is pleased to have a full-time dedicated office staff to service our buyers, sellers, and renters and be there for them when they need us.  Cedar One Realty recently merged with Featheringham Realty and has a team of motivated realtors ready to work for you! 

To Our Residents

Cedar One Property Management takes pride in offering some of the nicest and most well maintained rentals in the Steubenville/ Wintersville area and beyond. We have a full time dedicated office staff and maintenance personnel to take care of all of our tenants' needs.  Cedar One has earned the reputation of offering some of the best quality rentals in the area and that is a reflection of the great tenants we have. Our mission is to provide the nicest housing that we can because our company firmly believes in the saying ‘the nicer it looks the better people treat it’. We want our tenants to take pride in where they live and be satisfied with what we are providing them. We want them to have a place they proudly call ‘Home’.

 To Our Investors

Cedar One Realty manages for over 31 investors throughout the Ohio Valley.  We have put together a system for managing property that is hard to match.  We have a full office staff consisting of leasing agents, tenant relations specialist, book keepers, and access to maintenance staff ready to work for you.  We also have a great amount of experience helping investors find houses to RENT or FLIP.  If you want realtors who understand investors give us a call and ask to speak to one of our investor specialists.

To Our Community 

We strongly believe in the Ohio Valley and the future of the area. As a company we take pride in being involved in the acquisition and renovation of real estate and pushing for the rebuilding of communities. Many of the homes we have been involved with were vacant, in distress, and a major eye sore for the neighborhood. We help with the acquiring of this type of property and bringing the life back into it through a total renovation. As a company we get great satisfaction by not only offering a great place for someone to live, but also helping out the community by improving the neighborhoods.

To Our Sellers

At Cedar One Realty we know selling your property can be exciting, but we also know it can be a stressful time in your life trying to juggle all the unknowns. This is where we come in!  We strive to make your real estate experience seamless and streamline. To ensure your experience is phenomenal we have all the pieces of the puzzle right here at Cedar One including experienced agents, a social media expert, and a professional home stager. From the day we list your property Cedar One will always be there for you, even after closing. At Cedar One we are experienced in all types of property transactions from residential to commercial sales. We truly have all your needs under one tree, and we strive to make our clients feel that they are our number one priority. 

 To Our Buyers

Cedar One Realty knows buying property can be a special and exciting time, but also can be a stressful time as well. Whether you are buying your first home, a second home, or another investment property, Cedar One has you covered.  We have agents experienced in all aspects of buying from residential properties, investment properties, and commercial. We have experienced dedicated agents that can make your transaction a delight, and get you into your new property as quickly as possible. When you are ready to make a move and want a number one experience think of only one option, Cedar One Realty.




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