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Cindy Freshwater

Cindy is amazing. Discussed her qualifications, impressed. Discussed Cedar One always available. We had 2 people look at our house in only 2 days. We had an offer in June countered and agreed on a price. Closed on Monday, 5th 2017. Awesome

Randall Katchmar-

Lil Ferguson & Cedar One Realty

It was a pleasure to work with your company and with Lil Ferguson, Lil was very efficient, knowledgable, and professional. I would not hesitate to use you (Cedar One) and Lil again. Thank you for your services.

Carol Caputo-

Paulette Applegarth

Our experience with Paulette was wonderful! We feel she worked very hard for us & did everything possible to sell our house. She went above & beyond communicating & giving us her at tention anytime we needed her. She was very caring of our worries & concerns always reassuring us that all would work out & she made sure it did. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to sell their home! Repella Connie

Connie Repella-

Grant Bake

Being a first time homebuyer, my boyfriend and I weren’t sure what to expect with this process. Grant has been extremely helpful throughout everything, from finding houses in our price range to thoroughly learning everything we needed to know about them in less than 24 hours. He may be younger than we are, but he has a vast wealth of knowledge at his disposal. I would recommend Grant to anyone, from first time homebuyers to those who have been through this multiple times.


Deb Rodriguez

Deborah was very easy to work with. She humored us by taking us to every house we thought we’d be interested in, while also helping us to pinpoint what we were really looking for. She made time for us and even postponed leaving on vacation to be with us during our home inspection. Deborah did everything she could to help us during the process.


Cedar One

Great Business

Will Hairston-

Cedar One

Solid business, great owner , hard working employees. Really nice and clean houses and apartments.

Anthony Stasiulewicz-

Cedar One

My family have rented from Cedar One and we were very pleased with their business and they catered to our needs at the time!! My family was very pleased

Earnestina Lewis-

Cedar One

I absolutely love renting an apartment with them they help me out in my times of need. they are absolutely amazing and I’m glad we are renting from them. I love everyone in their staff and they always brighten my day when I walk into their building.

Kristen Leigh McComas-

Cedar One

I haven’t even moved into my home yet but they have a great staff that will bend over backwards for you and their houses are very nice that have been a life savor for me I plan to rent with them for years to come

Kara Bell-

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